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About Us


Who we are?

My name is Abdulrahman kanjo Agha, You can call me Danny
Started to live the passion of photography in 2006, since the young of 12 years old.

Took a 3 whole years to learn the art of the colors and getting into the photography field.

Worked on Old negative photo films, including the process of printing, processing the colors, and black and white effects.

In 2012 Started to deal with weddings photography, including retouching, and enhancing.

As a side experience, worked on documentation of what’s the Syrian war left behind, and we were on collaboration with some TV channels

Back In 2014, we specialized in wedding photography, graduation parties, covering press conferences and covering fashion beauty events.

In 2015, decided to be specialized in Outdoor and Indoor Portraits, Fine-art and Fashion Beauty.

Our huge dreams never come humble, we keep an eye on the next level, and inspiration from well known artists like Carl Tylor, Erik Johansson, And Sails Chong.

We’re always looking to be on the next level and to keep making the art of Photography joyful and professional as well, and we’re looking forward to be in touch with the ones who’s looking for the best !